Swim Lesson Level Information


Level 1

  • Blowing bubbles (mouth, nose)
  • Front & back float (assisted)
  • Front & back kicks (assisted)
  • Streamline kicks on front (assisted)
  • Back kicks
  • Reach and pull arms

Safety Skills:

  • Enter/exit the water
  • Monkey walks and climb out
  • Safety bobs
  • Front to back roll
  • Jump in reach for wall

Level 2

Review skills from Level 1

  • Front & back floats (independently)
  • Front streamline kicks (independently)
  • Kick & fin on back (independently)
  • Freestyle arms
  • Introduce elementary backstroke

Safety Skills:

  • Safety bobs
  • Roll from front to back & back to front
  • Jump in reach for the wall independently
  • Introduce the deep end 

Level 3

Review skills from Level 2

  • Reach & pull arms, flip from front to back
  • Elementary backstroke arms (independent)
  • Introduce whip kicks on back
  • Kicks on back (independent)
  • Backstroke arms
  • Freestyle with side breathing
  • Whip kick on front

Safety Skills

  • Safety bobs deep end
  • Reach & pull arms, flip from front to back and float
  • Tread water for 15 seconds

Level 4

Review skills from Level 3

  • Freestyle with side breathing
  • Backstroke
  • Dolphin kicks
  • Whip kicks
  • Introduce backstroke arms
  • Elementary backstroke
  • Introduce flip turns
  • Introduce diving (kneeling, stride, and standing

Safety Skills:

  • Safety bobs shallow/deep
  • Jump in, swim 10 feet, flip onto back, roll back and swim to the side
  • Life jacket safety

Level 5

Review skills from Level 4

  • Freestyle 25 meters
  • Backstroke 25 meters
  • Elementary backstroke 25 meters
  • Breaststroke 
  • Butterfly (put it all together)
  • Open turns
  • Flip turns
  • Diving

Safety Skills:

  • Teach importance of swimming with a buddy
  • Teach simple reach assist for a distressed swimmer

Level 6

Swim team prep class. This class is designated for the swimmer who does not want to join the swim team or is not quite ready to join swim team. The focus for swim team prep is on stroke refinement and adding distance and speed.

  • Refine breaststroke
  • Butterfly
  • Introduction to competitive swimming
  • Distance swimming
  • Stroke drills

Parent Tot Classes

Parent-Tot classes are designed for infants toddlers ages six months-3 years.

Parents participate in the pool with their children; we recommend one parent per child, both parents are welcome to attend. 

Parent-Tot 1 focuses on water acclimation, blowing bubbles, floating on front (supported), floating on back (supported) and flutter kick front and back. Safety skills include climbing in and out of the water, monkey walks on the wall, jumping in from the side and reaching for the wall.

Parent-Tot 2 reviews the skills from Parent-Tot 1 and focuses on bubbles (mouth & nose), introduction of safety bobs, floating on front and back, introduce reach and pull arms, and front and back kicks. Safety skills include climbing in and out of the water, jumping in from the side, flip to back and reach for the wall, and monkey walks.