Revitalization Project


Revitalization Project for the 

John Vanderzicht Memorial Pool


Detail Overview

On April 10, 2019 we will begin a major renovation of the Oak Harbor pool facility. Ironically most of the changes won’t be noticeable to you, our patrons. Simply speaking, all of the systems in both the mechanical rooms will be replaced except the main boiler. Below is an estimated description of the work to be done on a weekly basis. 

Week one:  The extensive cleaning and preparation of the two pools and the hot tub which includes, pressure washing and rinse, soda wash and rinse. In addition, all of the furniture will be removed from the viewing room. The ceiling lattice work will be blown free of accumulated dust. The entire room will be power washed and preconditioned for painting.

In the main boiler room the forming of a large (13’4”x 8’10” concrete lid will begin. It will become the resting place for the sand filters and cover the existing filter basin. This addition will in part be much more cost effective,  more easily maintained and provide a safer work space.

Week two: The viewing room will be painted. The windows will be repaired as needed and cleaned on the inside. Furniture from the fishbowl, lobby, and office will be moved into the viewing room to allow for work in those areas. The same procedures will be done in each area as described above. The resurfacing of each pool includes: patching any pitted and chipped areas, priming and the application of two coat epoxy coating in zeron. 

Week three: The concrete lid will be poured this week (13’4”X8’10”). Repairs to the hot tub will continue and a new controller, chlorinator, CO2 delivery system will be installed. Miscellaneous repairs including grout work and new drain covers, grates, and sump covers will be replaced to meet current code regulations. Start work on the outside of the building. Power wash, clean windows and attend to the landscaping and plants. 

Week four: Cleaning will continue along with the positioning of the new pump and controller. The installation of the new sand filters will begin. Work will continue in the other areas of the building including the locker rooms, staff bathroom and shower. New flooring supplied by Home Depot will be installed in the office and fish bowl. 

Week five:  Looking at the overall project to determine what still needs attention, utilizing the volunteers from Keller Williams to assist in unfinished work. May 9, 2019

Note: Prior to this project beginning this April 10, a large number of modifications, repairs, replacements, too numerous to mention here were completed by wonderful people, sometimes in a group and sometimes as individuals all committed to one central cause, that is, to reopen our beautiful pool and keep it open. It stands as a testament to the Oak Harbor community where we live, work and, play. Thank you!

Final thoughts:  This should be considered an outline or guide for a multi-week major undertaking to return the John Vanderzicht Memorial Pool to its original grandeur with modernization and technology that is required in today’s world and serve the Oak Harbor community for years to come. With all of the changes, the pool facility will be more efficient, safer, cleaner and better looking.

Initially this is intended to serve as an overview of our project. Then, following will be a weekly progress report as the project progresses. We may include pictures, side stories, comments from board members etc. IT’S A PROCESS THAT WILL UNFOLD…

Rex A. Coryell