Aquatic programs

Swim School and Private Lessons


Swim School Fees & Registration Information

Session Fees:

$60 for In-District/Residents
$90 for Out-of-District/Non-Residents

Water Fitness (Aerobics)

We are now offering morning and evening classes! Please visit the Fees and Schedules page for information. 

Lap Swim

Please the Fees and Schedules tab for our Lap Swim hours. 

Open Swim

Please see the Fees and Schedules tab for our Open Swim hours. 

Pool Rentals and Reservations

Party rentals are available. Please contact the front desk or email for information. 

Additional Pool Activities through Partner Groups

Physical Therapy through Rue & Primavera

Oak Harbor School District - HS Boys & Girls Swim Teams

Blue Heron Booster Club - Youth Swim Team

For information on any of these activities, please contact the partner organization. 

Pool Rules and Regulations



  1. A cleansing shower is required before entering the pool.
  2. Swimsuits are required in the pools & sauna. Children still in diapers must wear a swim diaper in the pool.
  3. Spitting, blowing the nose, urinating, or defecating in the pool is strictly forbidden.
  4. Children 12 years of age and younger must have an adult 18 years of age or older in the facility while they are swimming. Any child 6 years of age or younger must have an adult 18 years of age or older in a swimsuit in the water with them at all times. This applies to both pools.
  5. The Wading Pool is CLOSED during ALL group lessons.
  6. The Hot Tub & Sauna are CLOSED during evening swim lessons.
  7. Patrons may enter the locker rooms 10 minutes prior to their swim activity.
  8. Diving masks and snorkels require special permission from lifeguard for use at the pool. 
  9. Use lap swim etiquette in lap lanes.
  10. No glass or other breakable containers may be brought into the facility.
  11. Flips from the side of the pool, running, pushing, dunking, tag, and unauthorized games of horseplay are forbidden on the pool deck or in the water. Pushing or throwing persons from the pool edge is strictly prohibited. Stern disciplinary measures will be taken for violations.
  12. Non-swimmers should stay in the shallow end of pool. 
  13. Use of the training pool is primarily for non-swimmers. Children under six (6) years of age and under should be accompanied by a paying adult in a swimsuit and in the water. If the accompanying adult does not plan to swim they must still be in the water with any children six (6) years of age and under.
  14. Only U.S. Coast Guard approved water wings, lifejackets and other means of water support are permitted in the pool.
  15. Failure to adhere to our rules may result in your being removed and/or banned from the pool facility.

Diving Area:

  1. All divers must demonstrate sufficient swimming skill to the satisfaction of the guards.
  2. No one may enter the diving area of the pool except by the diving boards.
  3. One person allowed on the board at a time. Persons in line will wait on the ground at the bottom of the ladder until the person in front of them is clear.
  4. Forward facing, diving and jumping only.
  5. Never wear goggles or ear plugs while diving!

Sauna and Hot Tub:

  1. No child six (6) years old or under will use the Hot Tub. All children between seven (7) and twelve (12) years of age shall be accompanied by a responsible adult observer. Youths twelve (12) to seventeen (17) years of age shall NOT use Hot Tub alone.
  2. No one under eighteen (18) years of age is permitted in the sauna.
  3. Shower before and after use.
  4. Persons suffering from heart disease, diabetes, or high blood pressure should consult a physician before using sauna or spa.
  5. Women who are or may be pregnant should seek the advice of a physician before sauna or spa use and limit time.
  6. Use a towel to sit on in the sauna.